New USA Soccer Kits?

It is about the time for a new design of the National Team kits with Olympic and World Cup qualifying on the horizon.  The last set of jerseys went over well with the red all over social media campaign and the slash on the front.  Despite the red shirt not being worn many times in competition, there was a groundswell to keep it going.  The jury may still be out on red as an alternate kit for the U.S.A., but there are a few supposed leaks of new kits.

The away shirt for 2012/13 has been seen most recently for sale for about $100 and is very patriotic.  It is dominated by blue with red cuffs on the sleeves.  It is hard to tell how those cuffs would play out with a long sleeve version.  You can take a look at the jersey here.  There are differing sizes of shadowed stars across the shirt as well as a candy striped lining in the neck.

The leaked home shirt is very reminiscent of a barber pole.   The shirt is a red and white stripe with a large blank placeholder on the back for player name and number.  There are also dots on the shirts that seem to number 52 and could possibly be considered stars.  Soccer Reviews, where you can see the pictures, is confused by the total number with good reason.  They could represent Guam and the Virgin Islands, but it is hard to say.

The best feature of the away shirt is the red cuffs as long as it is a short sleeve shirt.  It is very reminiscent of the denim kit of the early 90s.  Is it possible to take patriotic too far?  The stars and stripes are so prevalent.  The team should be easily recognized when out on the pitch.  There is no official word on the full kit, but if these are true opinions should be split.

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