NY Cosmos to build their own stadium not too far from MLS NYC2

This Is Cosmos Country reported yesterday that incoming NASL team the New York Cosmos are proposing to privately fund their own stadium in at Belmont Park.  State Senator Jack. M. Martins writes in a letter to Sandra Smith, the chairperson of the Elmont Coalition for Sustainable Development, that the Cosmos are ready to invest $400 million in the area that would include a soccer specific stadium, a shopping area, community park, restaurants and a hotel.

Belmont park is located in Long Island (specifically Elmont, N.Y.). The area had been looked at by MLS as a possible location for the team that they are looking to add in the NYC metro area (side note: when that team comes aboard, the Red Bulls get renamed New Jersey, right?). Belmot is in actually not that far from Flushing Meadows Park (proposed home of MLS NYC). They’re approximately 10 miles apart.

You can read Martin’s letter here (via This Is Cosmos Country): http://thisiscosmoscountry.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/309640_4674703379308_1542644131_n1.jpg


Credit: This Is Cosmos Country


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