Home Search For a KICKTV Sticker: A Photo Essay

In January Jimmy Conrad offered up some KICKTV stickers to his Twitter followers so I replied.  Little did I know there was a stipulation.  He was going to send two stickers with one meant for me and another meant to be posted in a unique location. I met the challenge with excitement and decided to make a day of it. This is my day with the KICKTV sticker.

With snow blowing on a 14 degrees wind chill day I set out on the city of Pittsburgh.  I know it well and thought of many potential locations but struggled with finding the perfect setting. I went on foot around the blustery city wearing layers featuring my American Outlaws t-shirt and enough emblems to look like a walking sporting goods store.

I thought this sticker deserves to be high above the rivers.


This was the Mon Incline though, the less notable, although the oldest continuously running funicular in the city. It’s still a great way to see downtown.



On to the next one like Swizz Beatz I moved through downtown. PPG Place was bustling with people enjoying the outdoor ice skating rink. Maybe this was the place.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Nah that doesn’t work.


I had it. The confluence, of course.




Actually no one is here when it is this cold and the fountain is under construction. This is getting exhausting. Maybe I should refuel.



Much better.

Okay, maybe there are too many options. Maybe I was on to something with that first idea…
Look out! Tunnel monster!

(For those of you that don’t know this is the Fort Pitt Tunnel, one of several tunnels leading in and out of the city.  Driving through it can be magical or the most frustrating moments of your life.)


The Duquesne Incline it is then – you know the one Mr. Rogers featured, the one that was in Flashdance, where you can see the Golden Triangle. People ride it just to say they did.















It has history and tradition but this sticker needs new and exciting.


Oh right! The new home of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds is Highmark Stadium in a prominent location along the river.








Might as well add some disruption to the sanctity of brand new right? Well it’s not the stadium itself but the adjacent bike rack.


Nice touch huh?

Disclaimer: No harm was intended in placing the sticker. It was all in good fun. Please don’t fine me for vandalism. Please.






In case you were wondering how much walking I really did, here is a map.


There are others placing stickers so if you want to track it just check KICKTV’s twitter mentions.


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  • Zach Bigalke

    Sounds like a fun day in the city… and you even got to slake your thirst!

  • http://twitter.com/PetePereira Pete Pereira

    That sounds like a lot of fun!