Jan 7, 2013; Newtown, CT, USA; Los Angeles Galaxy player Landon Donovan signs balls for Newtown , CT soccer players during soccer activities at the Newtown Youth Academy Sports

Landon Donovan Candid in USC Appearance

Landon Donovan was the guest of the University of Southern California in a session called The Competitive Edge.  The topics covered ranged from what he is doing next to thoughts on the Men’s National team.  His comments were summarized by Jesse Xiao on twitter.  Donovan mentioned that he is on his way to Cambodia for ten days and he just believes in being a good person.  Perhaps the best statement he made last night for USMNT fans is that he is still interested in having a role on the National Team. 

Nothing Donovan stated was necessarily new or groundbreaking.  It is definitely good to hear that he still has interest in playing for the National Team if given the opportunity.  I don’t think the opportunity is gone by any stretch of the imagination.  Jurgen Klinsmann has made a plan without Donovan, but has probably been waiting on the star to confirm he still wants to wear the red, white, and blue.  Donovan also said the team has to get back to being a tough team to play.



Donovan said he wanted to appear at USC and stressed that he wants to be known for more than just soccer.  He has the ability to play but is looking ahead to make a different kind of impact.  In many ways it is admirable that Donovan has this worldy view.

Xiao said the session at USC was taped so the film should follow.  His account has a more thorough summary of Donovan’s appearance.

What do you think?  What do you take away from Donovan’s comments?

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