Morning Aggregate: Stuart Holden on Loan, Clint Dempsey's Rules

Stuart Holden has been through a lot on his trek back to playing in England.  He returned to match play then he had a small set back and has got some time with the reserve team at Bolton.  On Thursday he was loaned to Sheffield for about a month with hopes of getting some playing time.  Bolton wants Holden to return next season, but that will require a new contract.  Holden has not played since February 26.  Sheffield is currently in 21st out of 24 teams in the Championship with their next match tomorrow against Barnsley.  The move also could allow Holden to show his worth the U.S. Soccer for a potential call up in this busy year for the Federation.  

We’re all for soccer satire and the new rules for a Clint Dempsey captained team are pretty good.  It would be great if everyone could make a unique facial expression.  Dempsey and Michael Bradley have theirs down already.  What would the Herculez Gomez expression look like?

Major League Soccer is a very diverse league as seen through the graphic below.  It is strange that there are only 12 players from Mexico, which is less than Columbia and Brazil.  Thanks to Shawn Francis, @TheOffsideRules, for the graphic.


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Charlie Davies got his first start for Randers in the Danish SuperLiga and went the full 90 yesterday.


Finally for your viewing pleasure Yael Averbuch scored a beauty of a goal.  She has shown her ability on free kicks for the USWNT and this one off the volley is well done with the goalie crashing into the post.

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