Futbol Colombia Is On The Rise Once More

Colombian Futbol is considered by many as the national sport in the country because the Club Teams have made it big in Latin America, and the National Team has tasted success around the world at various levels

The selection of Colombia in the early 90′s classified to 3 consecutive World Cups ( Italy 1990 , USA 1994 and France 1998 ) and players who made ​​this a reality : Carlos Valderrama , René Higuita , Andres Escobar ( RIP), Leonel Alvarez , Fredy Rincon, Faustino Asprilla , and Adolfo Valencia, amongst others .

The futbol in Colombia has been characterized by having excellent players, who were brought through the ranks of famous teams like  America de Cali , Deportivo Cali , Millonarios , Independiente Santa Fe De , Atletico Nacional , and Junior de Barranquilla.

The game has evolved generation after generation attracting millions of people who are loyal fans, and often times accompany their teams , to the visiting stadiums.

Like is common in most soccer nations around the world, the game is played on the fields , houses, neighborhood streets , watching the games on TV with friends and family at home , public places and generally every weekend soccer matches are organized for children, youth , adults and seniors , promoting sociability and growing passion for the world’s game .

The great global brands now want to sponsor teams in Colombia ,with  large companies sponsoring football in Colombia .

The 2001 America’s Cup was held for the first time in Colombia where Colombia was crowned champion in a tough final against Mexico, and in 2011 he organized the World Cup FIFA U-20 for the first time.

Currently Colombia has good level youth teams thanks to their good performances classifying FIFA World Cups U 15, U 17 and U 20 .

A Female Selection has risen in the country as well, participatng in the FIFA Under 17 World Championships , Under 20 and Seniors Level. Colombia has talented female players as is the case of Yorely Corner.

On the base of development, it has continued improved a lot, applying the correct rules for the formation and development of children in futbol , leading them in the right way to the prospects of possibility for a professional football life.

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