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Jozy Altidore Must Save Career By Returning To MLS

The time has officially come, Jozy Altidore must save his career by returning to MLS.

That one sentence has already made most of you really excited or really angry with me.

If you take a step back to think about this move though,  it does make sense for several reasons.

Altidore started his career as an explosive striker for the New York Red Bulls. The future looked exceptionally bright for the young teenager. Now, many years later, Altidore must do what everyone else is thinking and make a return back to his roots.

There is reason to be nervous of this move, no doubt about it. Thankfully, Altidore has two USMNT players that can tell him that the move does work, at least for them it has. Midfielders Michael Bradley and Maurice Edu, lived the dream playing soccer in Europe for several season after leaving MLS, Bradley saw time with A.S. Roma while Edu was with Rangers. Each player had significant time playing at a large, successful club, but there comes a time when playing time is more important over what club you are a part of.

Bradley and Edu moved back to MLS this season and have done nothing but succeed in the league. Truth be told, Bradley has seen his career brought back to life and his international prestige skyrocket since transferring to Toronto FC. Edu has seen his fair share of success as well with the Philadelphia Union, scored several goals and providing dynamic play in the Union midfield.

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It has been six years since Altidore last played in a MLS match for the Red Bulls. While in the league, he scored 12 goals and assisted on 10 during his 44 matches. Yes the league has greatly improved since a young Altidore player, but that is even more reason for his return. There is almost no reason for Altidore to continue playing for Sunderland in the EPL. Yes, it looks good on paper to play for almost any EPL club, but when he is not getting stats or starts, it is time to reconsider your playing career path.

One possible solution for his return would be to transfer back to the Red Bulls. French legend, Thierry Henry does not have long left in his playing career, and if Altidore were to return, why not go back to a club that will be in search for a dominant striker in the next year or two. Obviously there are many club Altidore could move to, but it will more than likely be a bigger market club, since he is a prominent player.

Ultimately, whatever Altidore decides to do with his career is his choice at the end of the day. It does make plenty of sense though, to make a move back to MLS. Fans want him to be the great striker he once was, and by moving back to the states, it would give him the opportunity to shine again.

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