USMNT Poll Question: Is Landon Donovan In or Out?

The Golden Boy, Captain America, the face of U.S. Soccer, Landon Donovan. His name will forever be known by U.S. soccer fans. His legend will live on forever and more importantly, he will have records to boot.

In a recent interview, Donovan revealed that for the first time in his 10+ years on the U.S. national team, he is not a lock to make the final 23-man roster.

“For me personally, I liken it to 2002,” Donovan said before the team’s training at Stanford University. “In 2006 and 2010 I knew for the most part, unless I was awful, that I was going to make the team. This time it’s more similar to ’02, when I wasn’t sure. In that way, it’s as competitive for me as it’s been in a long time.”

This World Cup tournament will be the last for many of the household names in U.S. Soccer. Donovan, the most valuable of all.

With the U.S. set to play two international friendlies before the final cut-off day on June 2, Donovan will have ample time to show his true value.

So do you think? Is Donovan’s time with the U.S. done, or will he perform well and make the 23-man roster? Let us know on the USMNT Poll Question.

Should Landon Donovan Make The 23-man Roster?

  • Yes (92%, 214 Votes)
  • No (8%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 232

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  • Ya Boi

    This question is blasphemous.

    • Darth Rad

      Landon Donovan is not God. He’s got nagging injuries, he looked slow and easy to beat in the Mexico game. He’s old and worn out, you can’t beat Father Time. The reason he took the time off during the qualifying campaign was to let his body heal, and now he doesn’t have that time to do it again. The World Cup is a tournament for the world’s best and fastest and most athletic soccer players. These players are generally young and extremely fit and at the peak of their careers. Donovan is well over that peak. A huge part of Donovan’s game was always his quickness, and he looks like he’s lost almost all of that. He’s too slow to play at the wing position now which is why JK listed him as a forward. And Donovan is not that much better than Wondolowski in his current hot form as a sniper type forward picking off cheap goals close in the box. He still has his smarts and vision and could play as a playmaker type central midfielder, but Michael Bradley and probably even Diskerud are better at that role with their current form. Let’s be honest.

      • Baxter Colburn

        Very well said.

      • jatson

        i second that…also bear in mind that the german team’s average age is 20-23, portugal is 23-25, ghana’s is 26-28, MNT is 28-32. add in the fact that these are first tier players (starter) on UEFA Championship League teams with skills/technical superior to MNT, including Landy. but regrettably, people today don’t THINK anymore… they all follow the chants… coming from the propagandists. the propaganda is, “Landy is good, we need Landy” or “if Landy did not go, Klinsmann should get fired”. this is the kind of crazy minds giving us the Weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq or Obama was born in Africa….

    • Darth Rad

      If any of you have been following the Klinsmann-Donovan relationship during the past year, you will remember that Donovan started and then got yanked at halftime during one qualifier match for “nonperformance” and was replaced. Klinsmann has been very direct and open about his expectations for Donovan and not allowing him sit back and just phone in an appearance with the USMNT based on his reputation and past accomplishments. In the Mexico game, Donovan clearly was already demoted to a status as a second string off the bench player, and he did not do that well either. Everybody keeps talking about Donovan’s Gold Cup glory and nobody mentions this steady downward spiral with the USMNT ever since the Gold Cup. I see this training camp as Klinsmann’s last chance for Donovan to prove himself. If Wondo or Johannsson outperform him, Donovan is not making the last 23. I am guessing that Boyd will be a lock, since he is the only other physically dominant target forward type available to replace Altidore. JK is looking into the future, and Johannsson and Boyd will figure into the USMNT picture for a long time after this World Cup. So unless they are injured or stink up the field, I think they will make the final 23. Wondo makes it only if JK takes one less mid-fielder or defender.

      • Spike Napoleon

        well said Darth (you should create a soccer blog, i will be the first to sign up LOL).
        also, please talk about Klinsmann and Donovan’s first “relationship” when Klinsmann fought with his german brass to bring Landon to Bayern Munich as his “#1 draft choice”. that experiment failed miserably. my guess is, Klinsmann felt Donovan has the super talent but not the drive and work ethics to realize the potential.

  • jatson

    strange that so many americans are sheep..

    how can you determine Yes (Donovan should go to WC) or No (he should not) without at least reading a report from the coaches of his performance in camp? so we all based our decision on “faith”? the fact that he was great in 2013 doesn’t mean he is great today or tomorrow. should Michael Jordan still be on NBA all Star ? very strange herd mentality…

  • Spike Napoleon

    ha ha ha … 92% of these people were WRONG!
    i was the 8% who voted NO.
    proud to be a “NO” who stuck to his vote despite being in the minority.