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World Cup 2014: Fantasy Soccer Draft Recap

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is just days away, and while the team’s are preparing for their big matches, many soccer fans are preparing in a different way, playing World Cup Fantasy Soccer. Similar to Fantasy Football, fans get the chance to draft their favorite players and earn points to win their leagues of tournaments. Recently, I had the pleasure of going through one of these drafts and it certainly was entertaining on all accounts. Below, you will find my entire team and the order in which each player was drafted.  If you have an opinion on one of my picks, please feel free to let me know in the comments section.

World Cup Fantasy Soccer Draft Recap:

Team Name: Neuer Kids Of The Block

Round 1: Neymar (3rd overall)

Round 2: Manuel Neuer (7th overall)

Round 3: Eden Hazard (11th overall)

Round 4: Cristiano Ronaldo (20th overall)

Round 5: Marcelo (24th overall)

Round 6: Andres Inesta (28th overall)

Round 7: Jerome Boatang (32nd overall)

Round 8: Andrea Pirlo (36th overall)

Round 9: Raul Albiol (44th overall)

Round 10: Mario Gotze (48th overall)

Round 11: Mario Mandzukic (52nd overall)

Round 12: David Luiz (56th overall)

Round 13:  Angel di Maria (60th overall)

Round 14: Diego Godin (69th overall)

Round 15: Gonzalo Higuain (73rd overall)

Round 16: Paul Pogba (77th overall)

Round 17: Hector Moreno (81st overall)

Round 18: Gianluigi Buffon (85th overall)


What grade would you give this squad? Considering that the league rules say you only get to start eleven players and not all 18. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any advice about which players to start or drop. World Cup Fantasy Soccer Draft’s make for a great time with friends and allow you to have a little extra fun this World Cup year.

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