World Cup 2014: Power Ranking Remaining 8 Teams

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The 2014 FIFA World Cup is dripping with drama, and more than ever, teams are looking for leadership from their top players.

Brazil needed a win in penalty kicks and turned to Neymar, who of course answered the call. Argentina looked for a late game-winner and found it from Messi to Angel Di Maria, two of the squads best players. James Rodriguez put his nation on his back and brought them into the Quarterfinals.

For other squads like Belgium, their leader, Eden Hazard was M.I.A. for most of the match, so his teammates, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne supplied the spark needed for their team to win.

With all the close victories this past round, how many of these teams actually are poised to make a title run? Germany looked flat, Holland waited till the last possible moments to score their goals, and Costa Rica had terrible trouble finishing off Greece. France and Columbia were the only two teams that won their match by two goals. Does this mean their games were easy? Not at all, each team played their hearts out and made something out of nothing.

So now that all the dust has finally settled, which team is first in our Power Rankings? Last week it was Holland, but does their shaky win against Mexico still consider them the best in the tournament? Brazil looked dangerous for most of the match, but Chile did make them pay for several dangerous mistakes.

Check out the new and fresh World Cup Power Rankings and let us know your thoughts on our rankings. 

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  • adplatt126

    ? Argentina and Colombia are better than Brazil, Germany and the Netherlands? LOL. They’re both on the weak end or at best belong centrally located on this list. Only 7 and 8 are even reasonable. Argentina is weak. I think they’ll likely be knocked out by Belgium tomorrow. I predicted the Colombia loss as well. Germany is better than Brazil, all around, and matches up well against them. The only thing that might save Brazil is the home-field. But I think Germany will win despite that.