July 13, 2014; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer (1) blocks a shot by Argentina forward Lionel Messi (10) in the championship match of the 2014 World Cup at Maracana Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via USA TODAY Sports

Why Lionel Messi Deserved The Golden Ball Award And James Rodriguez Didn't

There has been a lot of debate after the award of Golden Ball to Lionel Messi after the World Cup final on Sunday. Some saying that the Argentinian being less deserving than Colombia’s own James Rodriguez.

Those people are wrong and let me tell you why. Lionel Messi is definitely deserving of the trophy. He scored four goals, got four man of the match awards and led his team to the World Cup final no less. No one battered an eyelid when they gave it to Zidane in 2006 for less, why then when it is Messi.

Sure, he faltered in the final stages and didn’t have the best final, but he captained a good team to a difficult final overcoming some tough teams in the process. Lets not forget that he did score the winning goals in two of the three group games, and assisted the winner against Switzerland in the second round.

But we should turn our attention to why James Rodriguez doesn’t deserve the Golden Ball. Yes, he did score six goals, and scored in every game he played. But, the goals he scored were against very poor teams. He played Greece, Ivory Coast, Japan, Uruguay without Suarez, and an under performing Brazilian side.

You may argue that he scored one of the goals of the tournament! My response is simple. So did Tim Cahill of Australia. Is he deserving of the Golden Ball? I don’t think so. He played well against a bunch of teams who aren’t the best, or were not playing at their full potential.

So, to close, Lionel Messi was the best footballer at the World Cup and was fully deserving of the Golden Ball trophy. And even if he wasn’t, James Rodriguez would not be first, second, third or even fourth choice.

But what do you think? Should Lionel Messi have won the Golden Ball, and if not, who should have? Let me know by commenting below.

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