Morning Kick Around: Top Retro Soccer Jerseys

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Mar 4, 2014; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Real Salt Lake LifeVantage jerseys on display at Rio Tinto Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Every fan remembers that one jersey your favorite team had, that you honestly could not stand. Thankfully, times have changed dramatically and most of the team’s jerseys out now, are sleek and fashionable.

We here at The American Pitch would like to transport you back to a time when jerseys were not so sleek or fashionable. Back to a time when people actually cared more about the people in the jersey then the jersey on the player. Players back in those days just wanted to play the game each of them loved so dearly, no one cared how ugly their jersey may have looked.

Our jerseys displayed below will not cover all the Top Retro Soccer Jerseys ever, so make sure to comment and link to your favorite jerseys of the past. Some of these jerseys on our list really do make your eyes hurt if you stare at them for to long. Like stated before though, times have drastically changed and things really are different now.

Enjoy the sideshow and remember to comment with which jersey was your favorite and which ones you wish would have made it on the list.

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