World Cup 2014: Two Perfect Reminders of the Tournament

The 2014 FIFA World Cup provided the entire world with amazing highlights and drama. Each video in this post properly communicates the exact emotions of what happened at this year’s World Cup.
The first video is the best highlights from the World Cup. It shows the true passion and drama that each player felt. As the video plays out, just try to remember all the pain and excitement each team and player went through. The crying fans really do put things in perspective, regardless of how the media may have portrayed it. Fans are incredibly passionate about their teams and this tournament meant the world to each person involved with it.

In the second video, many people will remember a lot of the memes that circulated throughout the tournament. This video gives us the highlights of some of the best memes fans created. Some are funny and others are just down right ridiculous.
Tim Howard certainly rules most of the video below, but you have to admit, the creators really had a blast with these memes. Would you believe, Miley Cyrus even makes it in the video, she always has an untimely habit of showing up where no one really wants her. Regardless of Cyrus, the video is still very funny.

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