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DaMarcus Beasley Rumors: Latest Tweet Has Fans on The Edge of Their Seats

With the Summer transfer window in full swing, there has been many rumors swirling around. On Tuesday, rumors circulated around where USMNT winger/left back DaMarcus Beasley would play next. His tweet sent fans going stir crazy as they tried to decipher his cryptic tweet.

Earlier in the day Washington Post writer Steven Goff shared the latest related to Beasley.

As Goff shared his thoughts about Beasley’s destination, MLS Transfers shared their latest news on the teams reportedly still in the Beasley hunt.

It’s yet to be seen where Beasley will end up. Whether it is MLS or another league, fans and the media are on Beasley watch as they wait for his decision. For now, we are left to speculate where he would best fit positionally and on which squad. Personally, I think the Houston Dynamo would be most improved by landing the  winger/left back. Houston desperately needs defensive help and Beasley’s play and experience could bring just that. According to Stephen Goff a deal is place to bring Beasley to H-town, but it is not officially done yet and some things still need to be worked out.

At the same time, the Philadelphia Union could go after Beasley, yet their defensive back line is not in desperate need of another defender. This is especially true as it seems that Carlos Valdes is destined to rejoin the Union this week. However, I think adding Beasley would make the roster decision more complicated for interim head coach Jim Curtain. Curtain’s decision making will take time just adding Valdes back in the mix. Lastly, it appears that Philadelphia has a DP slot free, but I could be mistaken. If they end up not having a DP slot free, adding Beaseley would take more work for his addition.

However, the league likes to bend their rules – that seem made up at times – when it’s beneficial, so maybe this is one of those cases. Likewise, a new collective bargaining agreement (yet to be agreed to) goes into effect next year. The number of DP’s per team will most likely rise with the new CBA.

All in all, this is just the beginning of just trying to figure out where Beasley is set to join. The transfer window is always filled with exciting moments leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Well fans, you will just have to wait and see where Beasley watch takes us and in the end where Beasley ends up. Will he end up in MLS or somewhere else? And which team will he end up with? Until we find out where he winds up, tell us below in the comments section where you think Beasley will pay next.

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