World Cup Brazil 2014 Has The Host Country Excited


Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This blog is in response to an article written on Saturday, June 29, 2013 by Joe Queenan of the Wall Street Journal labeled by him; A Better GOAAAAL: A Soccer Boycott.

"At the end of his article he stated So far, to their credit, Americans have resisted this vile sport, deeming it no more than a warm-up activity for little kids until they are old enough to play real sports"

I found his article to have some valid points, but expressed rather harsh, misleading, and depressing, and I quote him below:

"Brazilian people are suffering, and soccer is only going to make things worseSoccer is like the Hundred Years War- Time consuming, short on thrills, disappointing resultsA sport rooted on cowardice and duplicity, soccer is the world’s most lethal pastimeThey cheat, grabbing each other’s shirts, gouging each others eyes, garroting the goalkeeper, kicking opponents in highly sensitive areas while officials aren’t watching"

Mr. Queenan has a dislike for the World’s game, and has spoken of reasons like diving, feigning ruptured aortas and shattered femurs, and 12-second comas in order to be awarded a penalty kick. He even went as far as to ridicule their hair, their names, and their facial expressions.  What’s next?  Their choice of Tea in the morning, or which brand of peanut butter they might like on their sandwich.

Soccer is the World’s game and remains a passion in everyone’s lives. Even those here in America, whom don’t really love the game, seem to somehow get excited and tune in when the World Cup happens.

Everyone for one month becomes an Irishman, Italian, Nigerian, Greek, or Brazilian, as they think back to their lineage and remember that their great-great grandfather was from another place.

Before I delve into ripping apart his theory of the inadequacies of Soccer, I will first speak about his comment of “short on thrills”  Here are just a few examples off of the top of my head.

1950 Uruguay upsets the mighty Brazilians in Brazil to win World Cup 1950, and then in an earlier round game, the United States makeshift squad upsets one of the tournament favorites, England, 1-0

1978 Rob Resenbrink strikes the post with only seconds remaining, that would have given the Dutch the World Cup title, but instead, that miss gave way to making Mario Alberto Kempes, a forever national hero in Argentina, with his overtime goal and stellar playmaking ability.

1994 Iordan Lechkov scores to beat Germany, and knock them out of the tournament in the quarterfinals. No one who loves Soccer will ever forget the tournament that Bulgaria had, led by their superstar Hristo Stoichkov. Also we were entertained by Romania and their superstars Florin Radichoiou, Ilie Dumitrescu, and Gheorge Hagi, “The Pele of the Carpathians”

I’m wondering if Mr. Queenen has ever attended a “Rival Game” I have been fortunate to see some of the following in person.

Flamengo-Fluminense or Vasco in Brazil, Real Madrid-Barca in Spain, America-Chivas in Mexico, Boca-River Plate in Argentina, Celtic-Rangers in Scotland, Dinamo Zagreb-Hajduk Split in the former Yugoslavia, Olympiakos-Panathinaikos or AEK in Greece, for just a few examples.

World Cup is the most watched event after the Olympics.

The world WILL bring their money to Brazil in 2014 to enjoy a World Cup in the land of it’s most famous Champion………I say “NO” to a boycott, and the 100’s of Millions who always sit down to watch it, probably feel the same