Footvolley Is Becoming The New King Of The Beach



Sergio Menezes President of the Pro Footvolley Tour has aspirations to popularize Footvolley to the masses.

Will millions upon millions in the USA, play and like soccer? No.

Will millions upon millions be aware of Footvolley and become fans of the sport? Yes.

A fantastic sport created in 1960’s in Brazil. This sport is very technical and highly addictive. It is a great tool for soccer players to learn the basics of ball control and ball mastery by playing this sport.

Most of the legends in Brazil have grown up playing soccer on the sand and in the small spaces of Futbol Salon (Indoor).

Footvolley is a game played on a sand volleyball court between teams of 2 players. Serves are made by kicking the ball over the net from the same baseline position as in volleyball, except that it  is played, by using your feet instead.

This is a totally awesome sport, period! Just ask anyone who has gone to a Pro Footvolley Tour event. So whereas we may not have the greatest amount of athletes; we will have one of the cooler summer sports out there. And for the gifted athletes that do ascend to the Pro Footvolley Tour … they are the true Kings of the Beach!

The Shark Attack is the coolest shot in footvolley. If you could picture a spike at the net with a player using his feet above the net instead of hands. The crowd roars anytime one of the players does that technique.

The athletes on the Pro Footvolley Tour are all VERY good. At any given event, any one of the top 5 teams can end up winning it all.

Asked about his personal best asset, he said his attack is the strongest asset. With a good set, he probably has one of the highest kill ratios of the tour among the athletes. He also serves well. That is an aspect of the game often overlooked.

"Not to blow our own horns; but the best footvolley events really have been ours here in the US. Internationally, footvolley events are very ‘institutional’ where too much is focused on the competition and being what I’d call too democratic and open.Our focus is simple: what engages fans, television viewers, and potential new athletes. This is the winning formula. Thus we hand-pick teams, create entertainment schedules, make sure we have cold drinks available, and get both the athletes, and the crowds pumped!"

First rule – the best athletes ever were once the sport’s biggest ‘rats’. If you want to play professional soccer, footvolley, basketball, etc. you should be playing (for the love of the game) nearly every day. You should be watching, reading, and breathing that sport.

Second rule – respect your body, which means conditioning, never smoke, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and love what you play.

Finally – stay away for a bit too. Quit for some time and then come back. If you missed it, then you really love it, and having other outlets is the best way anyhow.