Bob Bradley Is Leading Egypt To The Promised Land of World Cup 2014 in Brazil


When Bob Bradley was fired from US soccer he wondered what could have been and looked towards some new challenges that he was being offered.

His main focus was to be a coach at any level. It didn’t matter what league, what division, he just wanted to coach again and as quickly as possible

If given a choice, he wanted more than anything to land a coaching job in one of the top of flights in Europe, and what he got instead was unexpected and completely different from his last job.

At the time of his firing everyone was starting a new season and because of that no jobs were open. About two months after his firing the most unexpected call came. The team on the phone was the country of Egypt.

When they asked him if he wanted to coach their national team not only did he say yes but he also promised the Egyptian government that he would make the World Cup for the first time since 1990.

Within the past 5 African Nations Cups Egypt has won 4 of them, but despite those 4 wins there has been no World Cup berths despite being the most successful country at the African Nations Cup.

When Bob Bradley was hired he made sure the World Cup was a top priority, and showed it by being the only team undefeated in World Cup Qualifying. This is amazing because Bradley‘s success is coming at time of tragedy, chaos, riots, protest, and the list goes on.

This can be seen by a riot that was at Al-Ahly an (Egyptian soccer team) where 79 people died. After that incident the Egyptian soccer season was canceled for a year and it was reported that did not know if they could form again until riots were not happening.

During this time the Egyptian National Team has been banned from having fans at home matches and when they did have fans it was barely any.

This past August, Egypt finished their third qualifying round at 6-0 and now all that left was a home and home to decide whether or not to play the match in Port Said. When the draw was held in October they found out they would face African powerhouse Ghana. After that happened Egypt sent a letter to FIFA asking for a home match in Cairo.

This letter was approved and through it has come a protest by Ghana because of the recent actions in the country that have been going in Port Said. Going into these games Egypt knows that wining would bring a country together and stop war, and maybe bring a country and its people to together like was the case a few years back when Ivory Coast qualified for the World Cup

The matchup with Ghana will be difficult, as they were within reach of a semi-final vs. Holland at the last World Cup, and were playing some great soccer.

However if they don’t qualify it will be success because despite everything being thrown at Bob Bradley they have been able to get through it and is something that no one saw expect him. Lastly according to Egyptians, Bob Bradley is a hero because despite all of the chaos he has stayed and not left and all he has brought is success that cheer people up despite all the issues in the country they have been subject to