5 Greatest Goals of Landon Donovan’s International Career

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On the heels of Landon Donovan’s shock announcement that this season would be his last, we are left quickly grasping at Donovan’s greatest moments. With the MLS season only roughly halfway over and Donovan and Keane likely to make one last run together, there is still the possibility of a moment or two for the history books.

However, his international career is pretty much sealed up, which is made more unfortunate considering we never saw him in a bomb pop jersey. For the near fortune, Donovan’s legacy may more be remembered for what he wasn’t apart of rather than the many spectacular moments he was in the middle of.

USA’s all-time leading scorer, Donovan was apart of 57 gaols for the stars and stripes, some more important than others. There’s a special one in South Africa that will always top lists, but while the greatest, it isn’t his only great moment. Let’s take a look at his five greatest goals in the red, white, and blue.