Houston Dynamo GM: McAllen One of Many Possible Locations for USL-Pro Team


Mar 3, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Dynamo team president Chris Canetti speaks during the Houston Dynamo season kick-off luncheon at BBVA Compass Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

While MLS teams a lining up to start their own USL-Pro teams for 2015, the Houston Dynamo have their eyes on 2016. They are hoping to start their own USL-Pro team and McAllen, TX has been rumored as a one possible location. However, nothing is set and stone and McAllen is one of many Texas cities and towns interested in housing the Dynamo’s USL-Pro team.

Dynamo general manager Chris Canetti spoke with Playing for 90 about the Dynamo’s plans moving forward.

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“McAllen is one of many options,” Canetti told Playing for 90. “Doing it in Houston is another option and other cities have stepped up. We (the Dynamo organization) have to look at each individual market and weigh the options.”

Currently, the Dynamo’s USL-Pro affiliate is the Pittsburgh Riverhounds and the Dynamo have had three to four players in Pittsburgh for most of the season.

“Pittsburgh is a good affiliate; there were no issue with them specifically, but we didn’t have control over the development of our players that spent most of their seasons with the Riverhounds”, Canetti said describing their MLS-USL Pro affiliation.

MLS are announcing their own USL-Pro teams for many reasons. For the Dynamo, it is about having more control over the development and training of their players.

“The MLS-USL Pro affiliation is no different than any other sport like MLB teams partnering with their minor league teams. For us, it was about asking if an affiliation was the best way to go. Our answer was creating, forming, and operating our own squad”

By owning, operating, and running their own USL-Pro team, they have control of instilling the “Dynamo way.” They will have full control over the team with the parent club owning the affiliate.

With this team and the many logistics in the planning phase, the Dynamo must figure out what to do in 2015. Do they remain affiliate with Pittsburgh or team up with the Austin Aztex, who made the move from USL-PDL to USL-Pro after the 2014 season. To me, it would make most logistical sense to partner with Austin in 2015.

For now, the Canetti has no definite answer but noted “Austin is the only local team.” He made it clear though that the affiliation would only last one year with the club launching their own team in 2016.

“The timeline is being worked on and when certain announcements will be made.”

Stay tuned to Playing for 90 for the latest the Dynamo’s USL-Pro team developments and other soccer related news.


Houston Dynamo Eye USL-Pro Team by 2016