Premier League: Top 5 Additions So Far

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#1 – Angel Di Maria (Manchester United) – This is the perfect example of my heart telling me one thing and my mind telling me another.  My heart tells me that because Angel DiMaria plays for Manchester United, I cannot be happy with his success, but come one, just look at him.  There is no way you can watch him and not be enamored by his play.  I mean, seriously. 

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  • Di Maria is the best player in the Premier League.  There, I said it. There is no way around it, El Fideo is simply better than everyone else he steps on the field with.

    So far, just a month into his EPL career, Di Maria has three goals and three assists, but stats do not do justice when describing his brilliance.  His goals have been out of this world and his overall play has been, well, I don’t know if I can think of a superlative good enough to describe his first month in the EPL.  Brilliant, amazing, incredible, excellent, none of those quite do it justice.  All I can say is Angel Di Maria is freakig awesome.

    I don’t know if Di Maria will be able to keep it up the entire season, but he has put United on course to not only finish in the top four, but compete with Chelsea and Manchester City for the title this season.