Who Replaces DeAndre Yedlin on the Seattle Sounders Roster?


I know there are at least six weeks of the season left, including playoffs, but I can’t help but wonder who will replace Seattle Sounders right back DeAndre Yedlin at season’s end or during the 2015 MLS season. If you don’t know where Yedlin is going after the season (you must be living under a rock) let me fill you in.

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  • After Yedlin’s play at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he garnered a lot of attention from top clubs all over the world. Two of those top clubs were AS Roma and Tottenham Hotspurs. Eventually the Sounders and Tottenham came to an agreement and the transfer was finalized on August 13 and will remain in Seattle until he joins Tottenham in January or June of 2015. Yedlin himself isn’t exactly sure when he will join Tottenham.

    Personally, I love Yedlin and wish him nothing the best. I wish he could have stayed in Seattle, but I understand that he needed to make that move for himself and his family. I will continue to watch Yedlin play over the next few years regardless of where he may end. I am also excited to see him constantly being called up to the United States Men’s National Team.

    Mar 16, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Sounders FC defender DeAndre Yedlin (2) during warm ups prior to the game against the Portland Timbers at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

    When Yedlin entered the league, he came with many attributes that people loved. Speed and overall athletic ability being the main two. I loved the fact that he could catch almost anyone in the league, so you knew there was some hope when he was tracking down an attacker.

    These are all great things but what I like the most was his hair. It almost seemed liked every month he had a new hair style. The one I loved the most though? The one he had in his first start and that is why I included this photo. Wish he would bring it back personally.

    Now back to the main point of this article. Who replaces Yedlin after he leaves?

    Brad Evans has filled in from time to time as had Jalil Anibaba. These two players are not a long term solution to the problem. I would like to see them develop another player that could possibly fill this position. I understand if for the next year or two they bring in players to fill the role as they have done in the past.

    Now with the Sounders having their own USL-Pro team, Sounders 2, I look for them to develop a young starting caliber right back to be on the team no later then the beginning of the 2017 MLS season. I would like to see it be sooner but I figure I two years is a good substantial amount of time to develop a player. You also know that said player will be playing the position he needs to be playing as it is your own USL team.

    Regardless, whatever player feels the role with have some big hair, err shoes, to fill.

    Author’s note: Red, White and Green is Playing for 90′s column aimed at focusing on the Cascadian (Pacific Northwest) teams. In MLS, three teams – Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver – battle for the Cascadia Cup each year. Red, White, and Green will give a critical eye to Cascadia teams. The column is named Red, White, and Green based on the team colors. Red for the Portland Timbers as they are known as “Rose City”, white for the Vancouver Whitecaps as it is their primary color when they play, and lastly green for the Seattle Sounders as they wear “Rave Green” for most matches, home or away.