Drama at The Stade de France between Lens and Paris St Germain


What Paris St Germain fans thought was another opportunity to falter, was proved to be another opportunity for dominance. Finally, Paris have seemed to be coming back into their form, despite the huge wagon of injuries in the starting XI as well as the players on rest, after the international break. If all goes Paris’ way, they will move into second place in Ligue 1, if Bordeaux who currently sit in second, draw or lose their match this weekend.  Paris took on Racing Club de Lens at the Stade de France with close to 17,000 in attendance, the stage was set for an electrifying night of French football.

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In the beginning minutes of the match, Paris came out in their casual style of play, the kind that has come to haunt them in the past. Within minutes of the first half, with this idea in mind, Lens the home side, opened scoring from striker Adamo Coulibaly in the 10th minute–putting Paris and Laurent Blanc in very deep waters. With an atmosphere as grand as a World Cup match, luckily Paris did not let the pressure mount, but force them into momentum. Two more goals were netted in the second half both on the away side, PSG. First was a brilliantly timed shot by Yohan Cabaye, who usually does not start for the club, but did today in the wake of injuries. His presence proved to be useful and productive as this goal was his first in Ligue 1 and for Paris since 2011.

         The second of the goal and a mountain to climb for Lens at home came in the form of true brilliance. Maxwell, Paris’ reliable and first choice left-back, scored a booming goal from outside of box–a curve that not even the best free kickers could have predicted. This provided Paris with a a large wave to ride on against the home side, pushing constantly for a third and even a fourth. The game was nothing short of excitement, as along with goals, red cards and drama ensued.

With referee, Nicolas Rainville, who seemed to be on a strict streak, two Lens players (Jean Philipe Gbamin & Jerome Le Moigne ) suffered red cards at the hands of the referee, both warned with yellows prior to their sending off; but dually committing reckless challenges against Paris.The second half is where the pressure began to destroy Lens, with constant fouls and a back and forth game upon the Stade de France pitch, Paris received a penalty.

In the 55th minute, Edinson Cavani’s hard shot into the back of the net saw him celebrate, as he has done plenty of times prior, with his “shotgun” impression. Immediately, refferee Nicolas Rainville revealed a yellow card for his gesture. In astonishment, Cavani pulled the referee his way to converse about the card and within that instant,  Rainville reached in his back pocket to reveal a red card. And without a further adieu, the crowd began to roar and Cavani’s face burned in embarrassment.    

With a wonderful display of football, drama, tensions and momentum, the match was certainly nothing short of chaotic. This is a fantastic sign for the Parisians, looking to extend their dominance. The downside is with Cavani most likely suspended, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s presence is in dire need of return. Blaise Matuidi was substituted in the 22nd minute under the circumstances of what seemed to be an injury scare–this only adds to their already inflated problem. Either way, Paris’ performance tonight proved that their casual lay back is inexcusable, and they are certainly available to triumph, even if it is not the Champions League.