Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge Returns to Training, Injured Yet Again


Right when it looked like Liverpool might be getting a much needed boost to their roster, news broke that instead they will be suffering another major blow.  The Guardian reported that Daniel Sturridge broke down in his first training session back with Liverpool.

Brendan Rodgers had hoped that Sturridge would be able to make a comeback, possibly this weekend against Queens Park Rangers and for sure ahead of the Champions League matchup with Real Madrid.  But now it appears that a comeback is off the table for at least another month.

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I can’t think of anything that could be worse right now for Liverpool and their fans.  What a sad day this is for Daniel Sturridge himself.  I am not a Liverpool supporter, but I am a fan of good soccer and what Liverpool has played the past few matches without Sturridge does not fall into that category.

After rehabbing and working his way back for the past five weeks, to pick up a calf injury, in training of all places, is devastating for Daniel Sturridge.  To work so hard to be fit for his team and then to have another set-back must leave everyone involved feeling depressed and heart broken.

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Last season Liverpool’s striker force of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge combined for 52 goals.  With those two up top, Liverpool could put four, five, or six goals in an opponent’s net before they realized the match had begun.  This season, Liverpool’s top goal scorer is Raheem Sterling, who may be incredible, but he is a midfielder.  Liverpool is not receiving any help up top from their strikers.

There has already been a great divide between Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers and England National Team Coach Roy Hodgson, but this was before the news broke Friday about Sturridge.  Rodgers is more than just annoyed with what has happened recently with his players while away on National team duty and this will only add fuel to the fire.

Liverpool is not likely to repeat their success from last year, but going into the season, they still had hope of competing for a Champions League position.  But now, without Sturridge, that goal is starting to seem more and more improbable.

One can only hope that when Sturridge does return, he will pick back up where he was before his injury.  But after two plus months sitting in the stands, it’s hard to imagine him playing the way he did last season, not to mention the time it will take for him to get his full confidence back.

It may only be another month Liverpool is without Sturridge, but the repercussions may extend far beyond into the rest of the season.  All I can say is get well soon, Liverpool and Premier League fans alike need you back.