2014 MLS MVP Race: Editors’ Choice

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Sep 20, 2014; Harrison, NJ, USA; New York Red Bulls forward Bradley Wright-Phillips (99) kicks a penalty kick against the Seattle Sounders at Red Bull Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Blakely: (4th) This man can score goals and that is all he can do. Wright-Phillips leads the league in goals with 25 and will more then likely break the all-time scoring record in his last two games. However, he only has two assists to his name. A true MVP does more for his team then score goals. When you score 48% of your team’s goals it shows how much the team truly leans on you. If BWP wants to win the award in the future, he will need to learn to set up his teammates as well.

Philip Naegely: (3rd) He is close to breaking the MLS single-season goal scoring record. Because of that he is considered to be MLS MVP. However, most valuable players don’t just score goals. They also set up others as well. Many of Wright-Phillips’ goals have come from the penalty strike as well. While still a goal, penalty kicks aren’t always as hard to score as other goal scoring chances. At the same time, Wright-Phillips only has two assists to his name. He has been the team’s most valuable player this season, yet even if he breaks the MLS single-season goal record, he isn’t the league’s most valuable player.

Baxter Colburn: (4th) Several weeks ago, there was zero question in anyone’s mind that Bradley Wright-Phillips was the most valuable player in Major League Soccer. Now, he finds himself almost an afterthought, which really is a shame, especially with being so close to breaking the scoring record. He will not win the award this season, but he forever changed MLS fans’ opinion of him and deserves enormous amounts of respect across the league.