Premier League: Trick or Treat

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Heading into week ten of the Premier League season, we are at a point where we still do not know everything, but we are starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, we know something. Every year some teams and players start off hot but eventually cool down while others take a while to start warming up.

Even though I do it every year, it truly makes no sense to make a bunch of pre-season predictions in August before any team has stepped foot on a football pitch.  Already, many of my pre-season picks have been proven wrong, while others are making me look like a genius, maybe almost as special as Jose Mourinho himself.

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Today is the last day of October, and wouldn’t you know it, the last day of October just happens to be Halloween this year.  So as we head into week 10, I decided it was time to have a special Halloween article as I take a look at a few of the early season happenings in the English Premier League and I decide whether it is a trick (something that will be over soon) or a treat (something that will continue on all season long).

If we think about the Premier League as a four part play, we are just finishing up act one and still have yet to begin act two.  There is still a ton of football to be played and I can attempt to determine what is real and what is fake, but just like any good play, movie, or book there will surely be plenty of twist and turns in the narrative of this Premier League campaign.

I’m positive that whoever is writing this season’s script has oodles of unpredictable changes ahead for us in the upcoming weeks and months.