Premier League: Trick or Treat

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter @ChelseaFC

The season is over, Chelsea can already be crowned as Champions – Treat

There you have it, I am on the record saying that I believe this season is already over. Give them the trophy and all the medals, Chelsea have won the Premier League title.

Look, I know that the season is young, but there is no better team in England and I don’t see that changing all season long.  Not only does Chelsea have wonderful players that make watching football more entertaining than any movie which has been in theaters all year, but they are coached by a man who has a stronger will to win than most people have a will to stay alive.

Jose Mourinho knows how to win championships and he has the players necessary to do just that.  He has proven this season that he can win matches in blowout fashion or he can win matches in the way we all think of the prototypical Mourinho match, 1-0.

Simply stated, Chelsea is the best team in the Premier League.  Manchester City may be close behind, but Chelsea are so good that the six point cushion they already have over City will be too much for the defending champions to overcome.

Chelsea will go undefeated – Trick

Look, we are only nine matches into a 38 match season.  To say that Chelsea will not stumble through one of the remaining 29 matches is insane.  They are the best team in the EPL, but that doesn’t mean they can’t even be beaten.

We don’t know how long Diego Costa and Loic Remy will be out.  What happens if Eden Hazard or Cesc Fabregas also get a knock at some point in the season?

If you could give me a guarantee that every Chelsea star would remain healthy and fit the rest of the season, then I might agree that the West Londoners could become just the second “Invincible” team, but even if I knew they could all stay healthy, I still don’t think I would put my money on an undefeated season.

There are too many matches and far too many variables, plus, every team is bound to have an off day.

But let me throw this one out at you.  The only EPL manager to have an entire season without a loss is Arsene Wenger.  I can’t think of anything Jose Mourinho would rather do than take that title away from Wenger and put his name up with the Arsenal Manager.