Premier League: Trick or Treat

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Southampton and West Ham United are Top Four Contenders

Southampton – Treat

Before you go all crazy on me, reread the question.  I am not predicting that Southampton will actually finish in the top four, I am simply saying that they have the chance to contend at the end of the season for a top four position.  I think down the road in March and April, Southampton may still be lurking near the top four in fifth or sixth position.

I am not totally convinced that The Saints are going to have another free fall like the one they had last season.  Last year Southampton had a similar start to the season but eventually fluttered out of contention and back towards the middle of the table.

I have written about it before, this year’s version of Southampton is better and improved upon last year’s team.  Additionally, many of the teams we are accustomed to seeing in or around the top four appear to have taken a step back this season.

Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester United, and Everton all look frail and weak in their first handful of matches.  But while I have no idea what is going on with Liverpool and Spurs, United and Everton look like they may be starting to figure things out.

Southampton has a difficult task ahead of them and I would be pleasantly thrilled if the Saints finished in or near the top four, but there are plenty of other teams gunning for that spot and even though I expect them to be close, I don’t think they make a Champions League spot.  But maybe Europa League.

West Ham United – Trick

Even though The Hammers have been one of the most enjoyable surprises of the season so far, I don’t believe they are 100% for real and truly ready to make a late season run at a Champions League position.

A successful year for the East Londoners will be to start the new year in 2015 and already know that they are out of the relegation battle and are safe in the Premier League for another season.