Premier League: Trick or Treat

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Neither Merseyside Club Will Play in Europe Next Season – Trick

I am shocked with the team Liverpool has turned into this season.  I realize Luis Suarez is gone now, but how can it be that the absence of Suarez has turned this club into a completely different team? Maybe it’s because they are a completely different team.  They took the Suarez money and bought so many players that it is going to take them a while to all get on the same page.  They are in a similar situation to Manchester United.  So many new players that we can’t expect them to suddenly meet last season’s standard.

As a side note, I think the play of Liverpool this year, more than anything, has shown us just how special that Luis Suarez season was last year.  His activity on the field and his goal scoring ability nearly single-handeldy led Liverpool to a title.

The fact that Suarez has been left off the Ballon d’Or short list is ridiculous.  Leaving Suarez off the list and thus saying he is not one of the best 23 footballers in the world is a farce and completely discredits the award in my eyes. I’m not one bit happy and am ready to boycott the Ballon d’Or.

Just a couple of miles down the road, Everton seems to have a hit a bit of a bright patch over the last couple of matches.  The Toffees started the season poorly with several matches against title contenders and were all the way down in 17th position near the relegation zone.

But after a couple of good wins, Everton find themselves back in the top half of the table.  I never bought into the idea that Everton would contend this season for the Champions League, but maybe their best way into the UCL is to win the Europa League.

I don’t belive either team will finish top four and get into the Champions League, but a spot in the Europa League next season seems to be the right sport for one or both of these clubs to end up.