English Premier League: Reaction to Week 11 Play

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Photo Courrtesy: @Squawka

Southampton 2-0 Leicester City

Whatever Ronald Koeman’s side is doing, they’re doing it right.  The substitution of Shane Long in the second half changed the trajectory of the match, providing a spark to an otherwise uninspiring Saints side.  In the 75th minute, he put away a pass from Pelle to reward Southampton’s second half persistence.  It wasn’t five minutes later before Long calmly finished a ball over the top, punishing Kasper Schmeichel for his poor clearance.

Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool

I hope Brendan Rogers still thinks waving his white flag during Liverpool’s midweek visit to the Bernabau was worth it.  He rested his squad to insure they were fresh for their match with Chelsea.  And in true Liverpool fashion they still lost.

Note to Brendan: A well-rested squad means nothing when they all take up positions BEHIND CHELSEA on a corner kick.  Liverpool, despite being immensely talented, continue to let stupid mistakes kill them.

I still can’t get over how they lost the match that they rested everyone midweek in preparation for.