English Premier League: Reaction to Week 11 Play

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Photo Courtesy: @SwansFC

Swansea 2-1 Arsenal

Early on in the season, many were pegging the Swans to be up there with West Ham and Southampton as Cinderella squads who could finish high.  While they have since fallen off, they’ve regained a semblance of that play in recent weeks after holding onto a point vs. Everton.  But that pales in comparison to this.  Despite the obligatory Alexis goal (which, let’s be honest, we should just give Arsenal a 1-0 lead going into every game because we already know Sanchez is going to score), Swansea’s courageous showing earned them 3 points as well as a flip-flop in the table.  Swansea stole Arsenal’s 5th place out from underneath them, sending the Gunners down to their old spot of 6th.  They should get a 4th point from having to withstand that pounding that Arsenal gave them in the waning moments, as the away side’s attempt to equalize fell flat.

QPR 2-2 Manchester City

This is the upset that everyone saw coming.  QPR played like the better team for long stretches of this game, and if it weren’t for Sergio Aguero being an absolute freak of nature, they might have won.  Nonetheless, a draw against the 3rd ranked team in EPL was huge for them.  Charlie Austin saw not one, but two goals disallowed early on.  Despite this, Austin was absolutely phenomenal for QPR.  One goal and one cross-turned-own goal kept his side in the game, and if it weren’t for Aguero’s equally brilliant day, QPR may have stolen 3 points from City.  Regardless, it was a good day for strikers with “A” Surnames.

How did your squad do this weekend? Were they one of the big names who were inexplicably upset? Were they one of the Davids who downed a Goliath? You know your favorite team more than we do, so let us know your thoughts on this week’s action below!