Paris SG vs Marseille: Le Classique Presents Big Test For Both Clubs


Paris and Marseille, two iconic cities in the beautiful country of France, home to two of Ligue 1’s best soccer teams; Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. In which a clash of two sides, ironically known as Le classique, will decide whether Paris Saint-Germain can return to the top, or if L’OM can prove that they have what it takes to be Ligue 1 champions this season.

This year, Le Classique, means more than a simple three points. It frames Ligue 1, showing that PSG are not the only contenders for the title, opening the race up to any and everyone. A huge difference from last season, as PSG held a 18 point difference over the now Ligue 1 leaders, heading into the second installment of the derby in February of last year.

However, this year, it is much different and despite it not being much; it’s Mariselle who have the reign over the French champions. The only question to be asked, can L’OM prove themselves by defeating Paris Saint-Germain and if so, what does that mean?

Ultimately, it would mean a lot, considering the fact that les Parisians would be tied for second with Bordeux giving Marsielle a seven point lead into the next week. But of course, statistics are on PSG’s side after being the only undefeated team in Ligue 1 at the moment with a five game winning streak under their belts.

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Le Classique will mark the awaited return of a king; Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who can place his spot in Le Classique history by topping the score charts. Of course, wishful thinking due to the fact that he is coming off of a heel injury that has kept him out for a month but with perseverance Ibrahimovic has shown that he can do anything that he wants to do if he puts his mind to it.

The Swede will of course be up against the current joint-top scorer of Ligue 1, Andre Pierre-Gignac, who has been having a break out season with scoring 10 goals this season thus far. Despite not putting his name on the score sheet in the past three matches, Gignac has maintained full confidence going into the big game.

Speaking with reporters, Gignac made it clear about his sides intentions for the Parisians, “We are going to Paris to get three points, the boys will be ready to make it difficult for PSG. We can do it, we are ready for PSG.”

Marseille are ready for PSG, but without a doubt the Parc des Princes be ready for them. A clash that has so much history, it makes el classico look small, gives an immense amount of excitement that every french football fan can hope for. The fans, the players, the excitement and the drama; Le Classique will be nothing short of a great match for all to see.

Predicted Score

PSG 1-2 Marseille

Marseille have been a surprise this season and with that, they can and have a very good chance of defeating Paris Saint-Germain. They are in a better position, they have a lot more to win for and they want it. This is not saying that PSG do not want it, but it is evident that Marseille want it more. There goal is to win the Ligue 1 title this season and they have come so far in that quest that either way, whether they win or lose this match, they will not be going out of it without a fight.

With that being said, PSG are becoming one of the best teams in the Europe and are coming off a five game winning streak. They are that type of team that won’t stop for nothing and with Ibrahimovic in the line up, he is bound to play. Anything can happen.