MLS Playoffs: 6 Reasons Seattle Sounders vs. LA Galaxy is Good for MLS

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Nov 10, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Fans before a MLS soccer game between the Seattle Sounders FC and FC Dallas at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

5. Atmosphere

Atmosphere is what sells a game like this.  And if either of these teams bring it like they did these last couple weeks, we’re in for a treat.  Seattle’s fan base is only rivaled by Portland in its fanaticism, attendance, and ability to give me goose bumps while making me jealous Chicago will never be like that.  Los Angeles was always top dawg in attendance before 2009 and while since then they’ve slacked just a tad, they have brought their “A” game during LD’s farewell tour.

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  • I’m a big proponent of atmosphere at a soccer game, it is what wins fans over and keeps them invested.  No offense to any Celtic fans, but is their on-pitch product that impressive compared to other European teams? Sadly, no.  Same goes for, say, Galatasaray in Turkey.  But the vibrant atmosphere; chanting, singing, and cheering are what sells people and makes the experience worthwhile.   Just ask fellow staff writer Jimmy Lee; in his journey to find an MLS team, he first trialed San Jose Earthquakes.  Whoops.  I think I’ve seen better crowds at high school football games. But Seattle? Just walking into the stadium was enough.  When I was first getting into soccer, I saw Seattle and Portland playing on NBC.  I could not name a single player and the game was actually pretty boring, but I watched anyhow because the crowd and feel was so mesmerizing.

    Now add playoffs into the equation, and prepare for a real treat.