David Moyes Is Right Saying La Liga Best League in World


On November 10, 2014, David Moyes finalized a deal with La Liga side Real Sociedad. Moyes, the Scottish born 51-year-old, has been out of a job since being released last year near the end of the season as Manchester United head coach. After taking over the reins of the powerhouse that is United, Moyes quickly saw things come tumbling down around him.

The team did not do nearly to what they were capable of and before the season was done, he was sacked. Ever since then, he has looked for a job, and how has found one over in Spain. Threedays after being hired, he came out as saying that La Liga was the best league in the world, and he would be correct.

As per BBC.com, Moyes was reported as saying, “La Liga has the finest players and great coaches and I want to test myself against the best.” It was also reported that he had received offers from other Barclays Premier League clubs, but turned them down for a shot at La Liga. La Liga is the best in the world for three main reasons. The talent level of players that are coming to the league, the rise of the level of competitiveness and their dominance in Europe.

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La Liga has the best players in the world, and continues to add to that talent pool every transfer window. For one, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are regarded as being the two best players in the world and both play in La Liga. They play for arch rival sides of Real Madrid and Barcelona. Some of the bigger clubs this past summer have brought in even more world-class talent.

The likes of James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez, Mario Mandzukic and other players such as Jeremy Mathieu and Antoine Griezmann either joined La Liga clubs, or switched clubs. Teams such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have some of the best players in the game from now on.

La Liga used to be known as a “two horse race” for the longest time, the two big competitors being Barcelona and Real Madrid. Over time however, that two horse race has slowly deteriorated and more and more teams are putting themselves in the spotlight. These other teams are Atletico Madrid, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao to name a few.

Bilbao has a great tradition of growing players and promoting from within their system and has built a strong team that way. Valencia has always been around 3rd or 4th place in the league and is the 3rd most successful team in league history. Finally, Atletico Madrid are making their names known as they recently won the league title last season, got to the finals of the Champions League and beat Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup.

Finally, Europe. La Liga has some of the best competitors in Europe. If you need proof, look at the past two seasons. Two years ago, Spain had two teams in the semi-finals, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Last season, La Liga had two teams in the final round, Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, the former winning 4-1 in extra time. On top of that Sevilla beat Benfica in the Euro League final. La Liga won both the Champions League and Euro League. La Liga owns Europe.

David Moyes thinks that La Liga is the best league in the world and he would be correct in thinking so.