EPL: The Ugly Sweater Phenomenon


A new craze is slowly making its way around the globe. What once was only cool for 80-year-old grandmas is suddenly a fashionable getup for youths everywhere from Tucson to Zimbabwe, from London to Beijing. Everyone has to have one.

What is this new fashion must have? Well it’s the ugly sweater of course.

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Even though I like to think of myself as someone who is up to date on the latest trends, my wife is always quick to remind me that I know nothing about fashion. So I can’t say when this trend started and why in the world someone would pay $50 or more for clothing so hideous, but hey, that’s the world we live in.

Ugly sweater parties are the new norm for holiday festivities. Competitions are held amongst attendees to see who bought or created the worst of the worst.

In the past the best place to find said sweaters was at thrift stores. Or as the great American poet Macklemore said, “I’ma take your grandpa’s style – No for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?”

The trend is now sweeping the sports world and taking over every league. From the top leagues here in the United States to football leagues over in Europe, every team is selling their version of the ugly sweater.

Here’s an example from the NFL – Seattle Seahawks

Photo Courtesy of NFL Shop

And here is one from the NBA – Chicago Bulls

Photo Courtesy of NBA Shop

These sell for $65. Yep, that’s basically 6 months’ worth of allowance.

I don’t know if this phenomenon started here in the US or if we stole it from Europe, but here are some of the best ugly sweaters the Premier League has to offer (side note, in England they call them Christmas Jumpers).

Manchester United, Manchester City, West Bromich Albion, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa all have slightly different versions of the same sweater – reindeer wearing a scarf with the team crest. All are nice I guess, but nothing too special.

Photo Courtesy of MUFC Shop

Photo Courtesy of MCFC Shop

Photo Courtesy of West Brom Online Store

Photo Courtesy of Everton Online Store

Photo Courtesy of Spurs Online Store

Photo Courtesy of Aston Villa Online Shop

Here Arsenal goes for something different. A nice snowman in the shape of a soccer ball with the words Arsenal along the bottom. I like the uniqueness of this one, but just like all the others, it is quite ugly.

Photo courtesy of Twitter @Arsenal

Finally, I bring you ugly sweater that does not simply keep you looking ugly above the waist, it brings ugly all the way down to your feet. Here is West Ham United’s full body Christmas jumper.

Photo Courtesy of West Ham United Shop

But if you’re planning to attend an ugly sweater themed Christmas party, there is only one ugly sweater that will guarantee you go home a champion. And best of all, this one is on clearance because it’s from last season.

That’s right, the winner of the EPL ugly sweater contest is– Liverpool’s 2013/2014 away jersey. Nothing has ever been uglier.

Photo Courtesy of LFC Online Shop

So make sure to stay warm this winter, but most importantly, stay ugly.