Premier League: What I’m Thankful (and Not-So-Thankful) For

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Things I’m Thankful For

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Imports from La Liga

La Liga was nice enough to give the BPL some of this year’s most exciting players to watch.  Angel Di Maria has been doing great things (sometime he seems like the only one doing great things) at Manchester United after signing from Real Madrid.  FC Barcelona was kind enough to give Arsenal their only bright spot of the season, goalscoring phenom Alexis Sanchez while letting West Ham borrow Alex Song, an unrivaled midfield presence.

And Atletico Madrid’s “Fire Sale” in the offseason led to Chelsea receiving a both offensive and defensive gift.  Diego Costa has scored his way to the top, and jazz-hands’d his way into our hearts while Thibaut Curtouis (technically he was on loan to Atleti) has been nothing short of sensational in goal.

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Mario Balotelli Stinks

I’m not saying I like watching Mario fail per se, but, wait yes that’s exactly what I’m saying.

Balotelli is a bit of an enigma to me, because we’ve seen him thrive for Italy and AC Milan, and he’s even had nice plays for Liverpool, tracking back and marking on defense while sometimes having a hand in the buildup.  But then he switches jerseys at halftime after being subbed off, and misses wide open nets versus teams that are fighting relegation battles.  Maybe he wouldn’t look as bad if he wasn’t replacing Luis Suarez, who was God amongst men last year in the EPL.  Or maybe filling the big shoes are what is making him play so bad.  After all, it’s hard to kick a ball when you’re wearing big shoes.