Premier League: What I’m Thankful (and Not-So-Thankful) For

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Photo Credit: Twitter @TheCRonaldoFan

Ridiculous Transfer Rumors

Okay maybe not ridiculous.  But the transfer rumors that pop up around January always are great to follow, even if they are far-fetched.  Lucas Podolski to Spurs.  Jermain Defoe to QPR.  Christian Bale to Manchester United.  Ronaldo to Manchester United.  Or all of Real Madrid to Manchester United.  Or David De Gea to Real Madrid (yeah it works the other way too).  Chances are, if we’re lucky, maybe one of the above moves actually happens.  But December is a time to dream.  A time to dream that your team signs Chicharito, or sells Mario Balotelli and pretends the last few months were a nightmare and he never happened.  It’s a time where all needs are met, and all dreams are realized, that is until January comes and cold, harsh reality sets in.