Premier League: What I’m Thankful (and Not-So-Thankful) For

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Things I’m Not Thankful For

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Nobody Wants To Catch Chelsea

While some teams have looked good this year, no one seems to want to win as much as Chelsea.  Chelsea looks dominant in every single game they play, and are yet to lose a game across all competition.

Even in games where the defense doesn’t look great, like vs. Everton, their offense led by Diego Costa just scores more.  It’s the kind of war of attrition that fans love, because it usually involves a lot of goals.  And if you’re Chelsea, those goals are almost always beautiful.  I’m referring to Oscar’s stunner vs. QPR just a few weeks ago.  While the season is not even a third over, at this point Chelsea look very capable of accomplishing a feat that only one other team has ever done: go undefeated in the Premier League.  Only Thierry Henry’s Arsenal accomplished this, 10 years ago. What better way to celebrate its anniversary than for another London club to accomplish it?