Premier League: What I’m Thankful (and Not-So-Thankful) For

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Photo Credit: Twitter @barclaysleague

Frank Lampard in the Wrong Blue

Yes, I love me some Frankie Lampard.  And yes, I love me some English players moving to MLS.  But what I don’t love is Frank Lampard in non-Chelsea blue.  I’m not exactly a Chelsea fan, but it just doesn’t look right. I’m excited about his move to MLS and NYCFC, but I don’t know, it just seems weird.  And then he, like, scored against his old team and stuff but couldn’t celebrate because that’d be tacky?  Something about him being at Manchester City just seems uber fake, and maybe it has to do with the Financial Fair Play stuff.

But it’s okay because in no time he will be over here and this odd transitional period in his career will be an afterthought.