New York City FC: Who’s Actually Making Frank Lampard Loan Decision?


Earlier this week, rumors circulated that Manchester City was interested in extending New York City FC designated player Frank Lampard’s loan through the Summer. On Friday it was reported that NYCFC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna would fly to Manchester City’s grounds to discuss Lampard’s loan and how long he will remain with Manchester City. This raises the question on who really runs NYCFC.

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Lampard was loaned to NYCFC’s sister club, Manchester City, to stay in shape leading up to NYCFC’s first preseason and inaugural MLS season. Yet, his stellar play for City as they currently sit in the top four has led to some issues. For NYCFC it’s good to see one of their two DP’s succeeding in the Premier League, but because of his play, Manchester wants to extend Lampard’s services for what could be the entire season, which ends when the MLS season is entering around the half-way point.

With discussions on going it appears, NYCFC, not Manchester City, need to make the decision. After all, Lampard is NYCFC’s player and technically could be recalled from his loan at anytime. However, City’s officials also own part of NYCFC. This makes this situation even more complicated and it appears that City may be able to influence NYCFC officials because of that.

MLS should have seen similar situations like this coming when they agreed to make NYCFC an expansion team. Yet, it appears they only saw City flashing their money and saying bring a team to the five boroughs. NYCFC must make sure they are doing what is best for their side and not City. Yes, it seems this is easier said than done, but NYCFC and City are two separate entities. They are only connected due to similar ownership.

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NYCFC did everything fairly to sign Lampard ahead of their inaugural MLS season. They need to do everything in their control to keep City from interfering with their success and Lampard’s participation in preseason and the beginning of the season. Lampard’s inclusion on the NYCFC roster is key to success from the start. If he comes mid-way through the season, it could negatively affect the team’s chemistry.

All in all, NYCFC needs to be stern and not allow Manchester City to bully them because they have all the money and their owners partly own NYCFC. Instead, NYCFC must do what is best for their team, Lampard, and the success of both moving forward. This most likely would have Lampard back in January or February for preseason and cause Manchester City to find their own transfers. It will be bad for NYCFC and MLS if City is controlling and dictating which NYCFC players they want on loan.