CONCACAF Year-End Awards: Nominees and Projected Winners

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While the United States Women National tends to overshadow the rest of CONCACAF has had some pretty impressive showings on the Female side of the beautiful game as well.  Costa Rica, Trinidad, Canada, and Mexico all have candidates for this award as well, but as usual the Americans took the cake with 5 nominees as well as American clubs representing eight of the 10 athletes.

The Nominees:

Cristine Sinclair, Forward, Canada/Portland Thorns (USA)

Raquel Rodriguez Cedeno, Forward, Costa Rica/Penn State (USA)

Shirley Cruz, Midfield, Costa Rica/Paris-Saint Germain (Fra)

Veronica Charlyn Corral, Midfield, Mexico/Merilappi United (Fin)

Kennya Cordner, Forward, Trinidad & Tobago/Seattle Sounders Women (USA2)

Abby Wambach, Forward, United States/Western NY Flash

Alex Morgan, Forward, United States/Portland Thorns

Carli Lloyd, Midfielder, United States/Western NY Flash

Hope Solo, Goalkeeper, United States/Seattle Reign

Lauren Holiday, Midfield, United States/ FC Kansas City

Pick To Win:

Carli Lloyd: United States.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit I know absolutely nothing about Women’s Soccer.  I know I should, but I don’t.  I meant to learn about it, but then I forgot to.  I’ve been to one game in my life, and it was a Red Stars vs. Western New York Flash game.  While my hometown team the Red Stars won 1-0, Carli Lloyd’s play drew my eye.  I didn’t even know who she was back then, and maybe it was because #0 is the greatest number of all time, but it stood out.

A year ago, I would not have known Carli if she walked into my room.  I would have called the police, probably.  Who gave her my spare key anyways? Now , she has driven herself to the forefront of the USWNT and NWSL, and is as big of as name as other greats, such as Abby Wambauch, Syndney Leroux, and Alex Morgan.  Good enough for me.

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