Pellegrini: Frank Lampard Wants Loan Extended


It was another game for Manchester City that saw a player get hurt. However, Frank Lampard saved the day yet again and provided the game’s only goal against Leicester City. With his latest goal, many are seeing the spark and worth Lampard brings to City. Yet, his success is causes a major headache for another fan base, New York City FC. NYCFC officials are reportedly on their way to Manchester City’s camp to talk about Lampard’s loan as City looks to extend Lampard’s loan and it appears he wants to stay as well through the end of the season.

"“No, we know exactly what we must do,” Manuel Pellegrini told reporters after City’s 1-0 victory. “Frank wants to stay, we want to keep him. We must resolve the problem with New York City and MLS”"

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Clearly, Lampard’s loan deal is an issue both sides need to talk through. He’s been the Citizens’ best player this season and the main reason they currently sit only three points from first-place Chelsea FC. On the other hand, NYCFC announced Lampard’s signing as one of two marquee players with David Villa being the other. Not only will Lampard’s existence on NYCFC’s roster sell tickets for their home games, but he’d also contribute on the field. His play in Premier League action this year has spoken for himself. By playing in MLS, that doesn’t go away, but rather he’d most likely be a more dangerous commodity up front.

NYCFC has found a proven offensive weapon up front, but it seems they may not benefit from his services until July. At this point, the loan to Manchester City expires in February, but City and it appears Lampard want it to last until the end of the Premier League season. This would throw a wrench into NYCFC’s plan and developing team chemistry, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Yet, the organization will hear it from the fans if one of their stars isn’t on the roster for the season opener.

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There seems to be a catch 22 no matter what decision is made. One side won’t be pleased with where Lampard is playing and one side will be. Also, things are further complicated due to the fact that City owns part of NYCFC. This may influence the decision that is made.

In the end, Lampard should have a say in the matter and where he prefers to play. Likewise, the original agreement should be respected and followed through with. This would send Lampard to NYCFC in time for preseason training and preparation for NYCFC’s inaugural season. However, this situation seems far from over as both sides prepare to meet to discuss Lampard’s loan situation.