MLS Rumors: Steve Gerrard To Sign With New York Red Bulls?


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is the front of the latest MLS rumors circulating the league. The latest news about the 34-year old English midfielder involves a possible move away from Anfield and sees him landing in the Big Apple, as part of the New York Red Bulls. As if New York did not have enough stars and weapons at their disposal, why not give them one of the greatest midfielders to ever step on to a soccer field.

The reports about Gerrard’s possible move to New York came from The Mirror. According to reports, the Red Bulls have included Gerrard on their ‘discovery list’ if the former England captain rejects his new contract with Liverpool. Gerrard could be offered a lucrative deal at New York if he decides against resigning with the Reds. If this does indeed happen, it opens a whole new can of worms in MLS.

New York hopes to also use the connect between Gerrard and Red Bulls sporting director, Gerard Houllier. The two had a terrific relationship when both were at Liverpool.

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Of all the clubs in MLS for Gerrard to go, the Red Bulls seem to be a good fit. Albeit, the club does house a reputation for taking in older European players that are near the end of their playing careers.

The Red Bulls just bid farewell to legendary play-maker, Thierry Henry. It also appears that Australian international, Tim Cahill will also not return to Red Bull Arena in 2015. With those two big-time player departing the club, it is an ideal time for Gerrard to swoop in and take command of a New York club that desperately needs leadership.

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  • Along with Gerrard’s possible move to the Red Bulls, it also heats things up with city rival, New York City FC. NYCFC’s front man, assuming he ever comes back from loan with Manchester City, is Frank Lampard. Gerrard and Lampard are teammates on the England national team. Each has been a crucial part of the formation of not only the national team, but also English Premier Soccer.

    If the Gerrard deal does indeed go through, the rivalry between NYCFC and the Red Bulls would skyrocket and certainly make both clubs a lot of money.

    Just for old-time sake, check out some of the best Gerrard highlights from his career and try to picture him in a Red Bulls uniform.