The Five Best Matchups of UEFA Champions/Europa League Knockout Round

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter @ChelseaFC

1.)  Chelsea vs. Paris-St. Germain (Champions League)

Man, the Soccer Gods must love grudge matches.  Not only did Barca and City get pitted against each other, but two other foes from last Champions League campaign are also once again pitted against each other.  And unlike Barca/City, this game was hard fought, gritty, and just an overall great game.  Chelsea and PSG tied on aggregate, however the away goals rule favored Jose Mourinho’s side and Chelsea went through to face Atletico Madrid.

A juicy twist in this year’s narrative will be David Luiz, who suited up for Chelsea in last year’s games but this year will be witnessing the rematch of all rematches from the other side; and in another shade of blue.  That’s right, Luiz signed with PSG after the 2013-14 season ended, and now anchors the defense.  Both teams are dominating in their respective domestic leagues, and despite Chelsea’s shocking loss to Newcastle not too long ago, they still maintain a comfortable lead in the BPL. Both teams are thirsty for a rematch and most importantly, both of these sides are still at the top of their game.

God, I can’t wait…