Introducing Argentine Star Julio Cesar Furch (Video)


One of our jobs here at Playing For 90 is to watch the soccer matches from around the world that you may not have time to see. One of the great things about soccer is that year-round there is usually a game or two each day worth checking out.

Some soccer is better than other and each person has a league or two they feel the most affection towards. For me those leagues are the English Premier League and the Primera Division de Argentina.

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Last week I was watching the final match of the season for my favorite Argentine club Belgrano de Cordoba and I decided that it was finally time for me to introduce the Playing For 90 nation to an up and coming star, Julio Furch. He may be one of the most exciting goal scorers most of the soccer world has yet to hear about.

In Belgrano’s match on December 6th, Furch finished off the campaign with a hat trick, leading his club to a 4-0 defeat of Independiente (the boyhood club of Sergio Aguero). Julio Cesar Furch, an Argentine of German descent, was a Swiss Army knife in the match and showed he was capable of scoring in several different ways.

To begin our journey, take a look at his first goal where Furch never gave up on the play and made sure he was in the right place at the right time to give his club an early lead:

Next, check out his third goal that required great athleticism to beat both the defender and the keeper who all went for the ball at the same time. Furch climbed higher than his opponents and headed the ball into the back of the net:

But both of those goals look pretty plain in comparison to this “wonder-strike” from 30+ yards out. Furch received the ball just outside of the midfield circle, took two or three dribbles, realized that he had space, and riffled a ball past the keeper for what can only be described as a “golazo.” I don’t know if revolutionary war cannons traveled as fast as that strike from Furch did. What a goal:

Monday night via their Facebook page, Belgrano announced that they will do whatever they can to keep Julio Furch at the club, but offers are already coming in from other clubs in leagues around the world, which will likely out bid the small club from Argentina’s second largest city.

It remains to be seen where Furch will end up next season, but why wait? Go ahead and purchase him in whatever FIFA career you are currently playing and reap the benefits right now for your team.