Frank Lampard Is Just Not Ready To Leave The EPL Yet


Frank Lampard is an incredibly talented player who has a lot left to offer the soccer world. It appeared that Lampard would take his skills to MLS and become New York City FC’s first Designated Player signing. Unfortunately, this is not the case at the moment. Well, kind of. Bottom line is this, Lampard extended his stay with Manchester City until the end of the EPL season and fans of NYCFC are not happy.

Before you freak out more, think about this. Lampard is playing for Manchester City, one of the best teams in the EPL. Which, ironically enough, is also the best league in the world. When a player, regardless of their age, is playing for one of the best teams, in the best league in soccer and doing exceptionally well, no one can honestly blame him for not wanting to leave early.

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Yes, NYCFC fans are enraged at Lampard and many want their season tickets back because Lampard will not be suiting up for NYCFC come opening day. The thought now, is that Lampard will get between 10-15 matches with NYCFC during the 2015 season. Making him not very valuable to the teams production in the eyes of many fans. Well, allow me to give you two simple words NYCFC fans, Jermaine Jones.

Jones came to the New England Revolution after the midpoint in the season and absolutely turned the club around. Albeit, having him on the roster the entire season could have changed a lot about the Revs, but, because of Jones, New England made it all the way to MLS Cup 2014. Who is to say that Lampard coming in during the later half of the season does not do the same thing for NYCFC?

Fans of NYCFC need to know that when a player of Lampard’s soccer status decides to extend his stay with a far better club, it should not be taken to personally. Anyone would choose to stay with a top EPL club over joining an expansion franchise in MLS. No disrespect to MLS or all it stands for, but seriously, fans really should have seen this coming.

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Lampard has seven goals for City this season. Five coming in EPL matches and two in Champions League action. Once again, MLS does not even compare to the same experience that Lampard is getting with City. Playing in and scoring in the Champions League? Come on, that is just not even fair.

Bottom line MLS and NYCFC fans, put yourself in Lampard’s cleats and tell me that you would not want to extend your stay in the EPL where you could potentially win the EPL title and UEFA Champions League, two of the most respected titles any player could ever win. See? Not to hard of a decision is it?

What do you think of Lampard’s move to extend his stay at City?

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