Carlo Ancelotti Breaks Most Wins in 100 Games Record


78 wins in the first 100 games as a Real Madrid manager.

Carlo Ancelotti broke new records in Real’s 2-0 win on Sunday in Elche which gave the first ranked La Liga leaderboard a four-point lead over Barcelona. Luis Enrique’s team lost surprisingly on Saturday against Malaga (0-1) in Nou Camp.

The Italian coach reached his 78th win in 100 games as a Real’s manager, best record in the opening 100 games of any Spanish team and Madrid manager: Mourinho reached 77 wins, Guardiola 71 and iconic Real manager Miguel Muñoz 70.

Only under Jose Mourinho’s command, Real scored more goals in his first 100 games (2010-12): 274. With Ancelotti, Madrid has scored 272 counting Benzema’s and Ronaldo’s goals in Elche in the 24th week of La Liga. The significance of this milestone is noteworthy comparing with Ancelotti’s records in his opening 100 games as a AC Milan, Juventus and Chelsea coach. He had 49 wins in Milan, 52 in Turin and 62 in London.

Ancelotti’s year-and-a-half with Real have showed a return of calm to the club following the controversial command of Jose Mourinho. Real atmosphere is never peaceful, always surrounded by media noise, but the Italian coach has brought good vibe to an always complicated locker room full of egos. Concerning the style of football, Carlo’s team is relying more on passing, whereas hard defense and counter-attack was favored by the Portuguese coach.

Ancelotti’s year-and-a-half with Real have showed a return of calm to Real Madrid

While it is true being Real Madrid coach is never easy, the Italian has triumphed in the capital of Spain these 18 months. In the first season as a Real’s manager, Ancelotti gave to the Spanish club the long-awaited 10th Champions League title in Lisbon in a shocking final against town rival Atletico de Madrid. One month before, Carlo first title was against the greatest Real’s rival, Barcelona, in La Copa. Two cups in the first year and a missed opportunity in la Liga. After the success in Lisbon, he managed to add the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup to the Bernabéu trophy cabinet.

These two new cups came in his second season which started poorly in September with a loss against ‘Atleti’ in the Spanish Super Cup and two losses in the first three games of La Liga. But, after that, Real won 22 games in a row climbing to the leadership of La Liga. Madrid’s team has not been at its best since the start of 2015 with the elimination in La Copa. It was loss again against Diego Simeone’s team, and there have even been some mentions of the word crisis.  But just like 2014, the season is long and Ancelotti has pointed that his team performs better in the last months of the season.

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