4 Bold Soccer Predictions


With the European Leagues coming to an end soon, and with MLS just starting up, there is a lot of stuff to talk about regarding who’s going to win what title, and where certain teams will finish in their respective leagues. I’d like to bring you four bold predictions in the soccer world, from Europe and the USA.

1. My first bold prediction is that Arsenal will definitely take Manchester City’s spot in 2nd. However, I also think that Arsenal has a chance to take over Chelsea and win the league. Now, I know when most people read that statement, they’re going to think I’ve gone off the deep end. I encourage these people to look at the facts. Arsenal has won nine out of their last 10 league games, which makes it safe to say that they’re the hottest team in the league at this point. If they keep winning, and Chelsea keeps up their win/draw form, Arsenal has a chance to win the league.

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2. My MLS prediction is that the New York Red Bulls will win the MLS Cup. After the whole firing of Mike Petke, the fan base of the Red Bulls was up in arms, as most fans believed that Petke should not have been fired. However one fan and one of my best friends, Steve Wynen, wrote an article about why the red bulls can have a great season regardless. Check that article out here. After the first 4 weeks of the season, it looks like he could not have been more right.

Watching the team play this season, they look like a totally different team than last season. They’re playing convincing football, making great use of their chances, and they’re far less “one dimensional” than they were last year. Last season, once they got on the attack, they were very good, but they couldn’t do well in most other situations. This year, they look good at pressuring, defending, and counter attacking, as well as the regular attack. All of this said, I think the Red Bulls have the best chance out of anyone in the league to take home the cup.

3. Borussia Dortmund will come back and qualify for the Champions League. At the beginning of the season, Dortmund looked like a team that should be in the Bundesliga 2. For a portion of the season, they looked like they actually would be relegated. But now, Dortmund has turned over a new leaf. They’re back to their winning ways, and I think that they could make a comeback and finish top 4. With Batman and Robin up front leading the team, they can definitely win enough games to finish top 4. Who knows, maybe they’ll even beat Bayern this weekend.

4. Juventus will make the Champions League final. Juventus drew Monaco in the Champions League quarterfinal, and a lot of fans think that Juventus is a shoe in to the semifinal. I also believe that this is the case. Juventus is playing very well in Serie A, 14 points ahead of the team in second place. They are a solid team, and they definitely have the talent to make the final of the Champions League. Barcelona, Bayern, PSG, Atletico, and Real Madrid are all very good teams, but Juventus is on their level, and I think they can do it.

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