Women’s World Cup Group B preview: Germany and Norway fight for the top

Germany will be hoping to retain top spot against Norway. Source: Getty Images.
Germany will be hoping to retain top spot against Norway. Source: Getty Images. /

After dominating performances in their first matches of the 2015 Woman’s World Cup, Germany and Norway, will face off in Ottawa, Canada at Lansdowne Stadium for the top spot of Group B on Thursday afternoon.

A battle represented by rivalry and history, Germany and Norway, will be none other than a battle for the top. Norway, who defeated World Cup debutantes Thailand, 4-0, in the opening match of Group B look to take down the dominance of the German National Team. But the task will not be easy as the number one nation, recently thrashed the Ivory Coast in a thrilling ten goal display.

With Celia Sasic and Anja Mittag of Germany scoring hat tricks and making history for their nation, the Norwegians need to be wary of the strong attack that Germany propose.


Based on Germany’s dominate performance against the Ivory Coast, expect them to expel no mercy against Norway. The German’s test against the Norwegians will be nowhere near as easy as the African nation but with a confident side and an attack led by Celia Sasic and Anja Mittag, they will without a doubt make the task, a difficult one, for the Norwegians. The match will be the biggest yet for Germany as if they win, they can be guaranteed the top spot in the group with having an incredible goal margin of ten going into the game.

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However, Norway can be expected to give the German’s a bit of difficulty. With a nearly solid performance against World Cup debutantes, Thailand, the eleventh ranked European nation can surely be a contender for the spot. In order to do so, Norway, will need to make sure their defense is on point at all times. Germany are a nation that are perfectly nearly from top to bottom, even with their World player of the year, Nadine Kessler, out with an injury. Underestimate them or slip at anytime then the Norwegians will be in trouble. But a strong performance is possible and Norway have a chance to run away with the win. However, Germany are the heavy favorites to take game two.

Projected Lineups


Angerer (GK)(C), Bartusiak, Maier, Krahm, Laudehr, Mittag, Sasic, Leupolz, Popp, Goessling, Kemme


Hjelmseth (GK), Tofte IMS, Mjelde, Ronning (C), Gulbrandsen, Herlovsen, Holstad, Wold, Mykjaland, Mind, Hegerberg

Ivory Coast, Thailand fight for redemption

Ivory Coast WWC
Ivory Coast WWC /

After disappointing and humiliating loses against Germany and Norway, the Ivory Coast and Thailand will face off in their second match of the 2015 Woman’s World Cup in a game that will be none other than a fight for redemption.

Despite both nations being debutantes in the World Cup, they were granted a group harder than the rest. However, both nations have a chance to redeem themselves, at least in the slightest chance. With the difficult test of Germany out of the way for the Ivory Coast, all that is left to worry about is gaining back the respectability that they once had.


Based on the performances in their first game, Thailand look to be the nation to run away with this win. However, neither team displayed a decent performance and the Ivory Coast arguably had a more difficult task with facing the top team in the World. Any excuse that Thailand and the Ivory Coast have is lack of experience. One day, each nation can be a force to be reckoned with, but right now they are nowhere near that phase.

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Thailand just barely made it into the World Cup which could give the Ivory Coast a bit of leverage going into the match based on their lack of experience in football in general. All that would be important is organization and team work. It was a bit painful to see how the Ivory Coast barely had a lick of unity. They acted in desperation and that brought them down to humiliation. Their defense needs to stick together and their attack needs to stay patient and create chances. While they are most certainly not the counterpart of their mens National Team with the likes of Didier Drogba and the Toure brothers, they can grow to have their own stars.

The same can be said about Thailand. But the real test will be this match. One can only hope that both teams can at least score a goal and gain any confidence and any redemption that they had left.

Projected Lineups

Ivory Coast

Thiamale D. (GK)(C), C. Fatou, Kpaho nina, A. Rita, Essoh Nadege, Elloh R. G.Ida, Nahi Josee, Diakite Binta, Aguie Sophie, R. Raymonde


W. Boonsing (GK), N. Chinwong, D. Sritala (C), S. Intamee, N. Seeskaum, W. Phetwiset, S.S Rangthaisong, R. Thongsombut, A. Maijaren, K. Sung-ngoen