Should a Top Four Club Push Newcastle For a Moussa Sissoko Transfer?

Can Sissoko help a Top Four Side? Photo Credit: Adfern, Wikimedia Commons
Can Sissoko help a Top Four Side? Photo Credit: Adfern, Wikimedia Commons /

Moussa Sissoko might be the most frustrating player in the Premier League. One minute he is ripping an opponent apart with an incisive pass or dazzling display of dribbling and the next he falls asleep and fails to track a crucial run.

Optimistic fans would say that his concentration would improve if he played for a club playing for more than just Premier League survival. Certain Newcastle fans would laugh at the thought of him playing for a team in search of Champions League qualification. Would it be a shrewd move for a top four club to seek a Sissoko transfer in January?

The case for Moussa Sissoko is pretty simple. On his day he is one of the most talented midfielders in the Premier League. He has all of the physical characteristics you look for as an engine in the midfield. He is plenty fast and physical enough to play any spot in the midfield.

Even more exciting is what the Frenchman can do on the offensive half of the pitch. He can be a mesmerizing dribbler who can slice an opposing defense to bits. Even more dangerous is his ability to split a back four with an incisive pass. He can contribute the odd goal as well, but he isn’t what anyone would call a clinical finisher.

If you’ve watched much Premier League football you know that legitimate two-way midfielders aren’t growing on trees. There isn’t a team in the top four who couldn’t benefit from a player like Sissoko. He wouldn’t necessarily be a starter for every side, but he’d have a valuable role to play.

That is, of course, if Sissoko is focused and engaged. If he’s not he plays more like Lionel Richie than Lionel Messi. When he’s off, he will lose focus at the drop of a hat which can really cost his team. Just today in Newcastle’s victory over Norwich his inattention was on display. He failed to check the run from the midfield that led to Norwich’s second goal. Of course, to be fair he was also brilliant offensively with three assists.

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Nonetheless, top four teams would worry that his focus could cost them dearly at the wrong time. Giving up a second goal to Norwich doesn’t draw the attention of the football world. Failing to stay with a runner in a tense, late season derby with Champions League implications would draw considerably more attention.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not your club can bring in Sissoko comes down to your culture and coaching staff. If you feel you have enough veteran voices on the training ground to focus Sissoko then by all means, pursue him to the fullest extent.

If you have a younger squad that is looking for leadership you have to think twice about acquiring a player with questionable attention to detail.

Moussa Sissoko is a tantalizing talent that will likely be available in January for the right price. He is just the sort of player that will tilt the Premier League title and/or Champions League race for his new squad. The only question is which way he might send his potential new club.