Fear the Premier League Drop? Buy Hull’s Curtis Davies

Curtis Davies could help almost any Premier League sidePhoto Credit: "Curtis Davies 1" by http://www.flickr.com/photos/domfell/ -
Curtis Davies could help almost any Premier League sidePhoto Credit: "Curtis Davies 1" by http://www.flickr.com/photos/domfell/ - /

As the Premier League steams towards the January Transfer Window each team is starting to scour the Earth for players they can purchase to improve their standing. The most desperate sides, threatened with relegation to the English Championship don’t need to look far from home to find a hidden gem. Each squad flirting with the drop zone should make a bee line for Hull’s Curtis Davies.

Buying a defender from Hull isn’t the sexiest January move out there. It’s more fun to buy a striker from Eredivisie that can excite a fan base with grainy Youtube clips and arguments over name pronunciation. That doesn’t make those moves the most effective ones though. The smart clubs avoid relegation by bringing in more proven commodities.

There aren’t many more proven commodities than Hull’s Curtis Davies. He’s played at a consistent level in England for the past two plus seasons. He featured 58 times for Hull in their last two Premier League seasons. He isn’t the flashiest player in the flashiest of positions, but he can flat-out get the job done.

Currently, he occupies Whoscored.com’s highest rating in the Championship through 11 matches with a rating of 7.72. Even more impressively, he’s been named Man of the Match four times already this season. There are quite a few Premier League teams who could plug him into their centre back pairing and improve instantly.

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It’s not as if he’s only capable of sustaining quality play in the Championship either. It’s true, his last two seasons in the Premier League came in rated at 7.32 and 7.4, but those are still easily above average ratings for a centre back. It’s ridiculous that Davies is spending one of his last prime years toiling in the Championship when he could so clearly start for several Premier League clubs.

Amazingly, the only team to show any real, reported interest in Davies was QPR. The Daily Mail last reported their interest back in August. Credit to their scouts for succeeding where others have failed, but it’s borderline negligent that no Premier League club is hot on his trail.

The reality is Curtis Davies is too good for the Championship and should be brought back to a Premier League in January. He might even be too good for clubs flirting with relegation. Given his form over the last two plus seasons he could be doing a job for a team with higher ambitions.

So Premier League fans stop scouring Youtube for highlight reels from the Russian League and turn your attention closer to home. Plain, boring, Curtis Davies might be just the relief your club needs in January.

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